Karlovy Vary Region

Karlovy Vary Region is the westernmost territory of the Czech Republic – a country with ten million inhabitants lying in the middle of Europe, always at the crossroads of European cultures, currently a member of the EU and NATO, truly a country with a huge natural and cultural wealth.

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The Karlovy Vary Region (area 3,314 km2, population 306,000) is a region with the highest concentration of spa locations in the country, with spa services being the profile industry and creating the Region’s image. Both hot and cold springs throughout the Region have a wide spectrum of healing effects. The spa industry is also the cornerstone of the travel and tourist industry development. Towns of Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad), Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad), Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad), and Jáchymov (Joachimsthal) are known all over the world.

A developed infrastructure and top-quality services make the Region an excellent MICE destination in all respects – transport, accommodation, facilities, accompanying activities (spa and wellness, sports, cultural and other social activities).

A large number of significant persons of political, cultural, and scientific life visited the Region throughout centuries: Tzar Peter the Great, Emperor Franz Joseph I, Empress Maria Theresa, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, King Juan Carlos, President Václav Havel and many others.

KARLOVY VARY REGION is a unique congress destination

A spa town atmosphere, modern-equipped conference venues with top-quality services, many opportunities for accompanying programme, and also favourable prices

  • Easy accessibility by road, rail, and air
  • High level of safety
  • Suitable for both small and big events (up to 6,000 participants)
  • Representative conference venues
  • Large capacity and high standard of accommodation
  • Gastronomic and other top-quality services
  • Extensive offer of accompanying events (culture, historic monuments, sports)
  • Tradition, experience with event organising, professionalism


Karlovy Vary Region includes several towns ideal for hosting MICE events:



The largest Czech spa town with 650 years of spa tradition, situated in a picturesque valley of the Teplá River. The town’s rich history, breathing to this day from its atmosphere as well as numerous architectural masterpieces, is today wedded with the conveniences of modern times, not in the least affecting the local genius loci. In this place, healing springs have been restoring human health, and important persons have been meeting here for over six centuries. Carlsbad offers a unique combination of the spa industry and relaxation stays with various events, from corporate meetings to world congresses. Its unique atmosphere, hand in hand with a developed infrastructure and excellent services are predestined to meet, and surpass all expectations of organisers of various meetings.

  • Founded: around 1350 by Charles IV
  • Administration: corporate town, governed by the Municipal authority, Regional seat
  • Location: close to the Czech western border, approx. 120 km from Prague
  • Elevation: 370 m above sea level, surrounding hills up to 644 m
  • Climate: subalpine
  • Rivers: Teplá, Ohře (Eger), Rolava
  • Nature rarity: healing thermal springs
  • Architectural monuments: Baroque (K. I. Dienzenhofer), classicistic, historicist (F. Fellner and H. Helmer), and Art Nouveau
  • Traditional manufacture: glass (Moser), porcelain (Thun, Moritz Zdekauer, Pirkenhammer), Becherovka herbal liquor, Mattoni mineral waters and thermal salts, spa wafers, healing cosmetics, aragonite souvenirs
  • Important events: International Film Festival, Tourfilm, Dvořák’s Autumn, Jazz Fest, Canoe Mattoni, Carlsbad culture summer, Carlsbad carnival, Beethoven’s days, etc.


Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad)

A town full of parks and beautiful architecture surrounded by wooded hills with numerous lookout points. Its developed spa infrastructure makes it a suitable destination for medium-size MICE events.

  • Founded: in 1808 the first spa season commenced and the place received its name, in 1818 declared a public spa, in 1865 declared a town
  • Elevation: 630 m above sea level
  • Climate: subalpine
  • Nature rarity: a large number of healing springs of various composition within a small area
  • Nature sites of interest: beautiful nature in the Slavkovský les nature preserved area with many hiking paths, cycle-routes and cross-country skiing tracks
  • Architectural monuments: the town spa centre has been declared a conservation area, including e.g. the Orthodox temple of St. Vladimír, Anglican Church, Roman Catholic Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Křižík’s spring pavilion, Ferdinand’s spring colonnade, Casino community hall, Chopin house
  • Traditional manufacture: spa wafers, Aqua Maria and Excelsior mineral waters
  • Important events: Chopin’s festival, Goethe’s week, Jazz spa, Marienbad culture summer


Františkovy Lázně (Franzensbad)

Františkovy Lázně is a garden town where greenery and parks occupy the same space as architecture. Thanks to this it is an ideal site for small to medium-size MICE events.

  • Founded: in 1793. The original name Village of Emperor Franz was changed in 1807 to the present Františkovy Lázně. In 1865 declared a town.
  • Elevation: 450 m above sea level
  • Climate: subalpine
  • Nature rarity: mineral springs with a high content of carbon dioxide, sulphur-ferruginous boggy soil, SOOS nature reserve – peat-bog with numerous mineral water springs and mud volcanoes. Komorní hůrka – the youngest active volcano in Central Europe.
  • Architectural monuments: classicistic, Empire, historicist, Art Nouveau. In 1992 the historic town centre was declared a conservation area
  • Important events: Music summer, Johann Strauss week


Cheb (Eger)

This west-Bohemian town offers numerous historic monuments, first of all the mid-12th century castle. Several important persons, such as Albrecht von Wallenstein, F. Schiller and J. W. Goethe, are connected with the town.

  • Founded: The first record about this border site comes from 1061. It was declared a town in 1322 by King John the Blind.
  • Elevation: 459 m above sea level
  • Climate: subalpine
  • Nature rarity: unique SOOS nature reserve
  • Architectural monuments: Cheb Castle, St. Nicolas’ Church, Špalíček, St. Wenceslas’ Church, Franciscan Church and cloister, St. Bartholomew’s Church
  • Important events: Wallenstein festival, FIJO International festival of youth brass bands


Jáchymov (Joachimsthal)

Jáchymov lies in the foothills of the Krušné (Ore) Mountains close to the German border (approx. 20 km from Carlsbad and 7 km from the border crossing Boží Dar – Oberwiesenthal). The originally mining town became shortly after its foundation the largest town in the kingdom. First, silver was mined here and silver thalers minted, later the town was known for the extraction of radium from uraninite, a method discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie. Today, Jáchymov is a spa town utilising mineral and radioactive springs for healing procedures.


Sokolov (Falkenau)

Sokolov is a town with a long history. Although it may be seen predominantly as an industrial town due to the mining industry, if offers many historic monuments and beauties of nature worth visiting. Local capacities allow smaller congresses, meetings, and other events to be held here.

Carlsbad Convention Bureau, o.p.s.

Carlsbad Convention Bureau, o.p.s. is a non-profitable organisation with the key task to include Carlsbad and Karlovy Vary Region among prestigious destinations for holding MICE events and to present both the town and the Region as notable congress destinations. The Bureau’s main activities cover promotion, preparation, production, and complete realisation of MICE events.

Within its functioning, the Bureau supports clients in planning MICE events in the Region, provides them with complete information on latest offers of congress and meeting venues in the Region, helps with the selection of suitable meeting and conference locations, elaborates complete offers for clients regarding a demanded MICE event, and draws suitable accompanying programmes. Further, in cooperation with professional congress organisers and destination management companies, plans and organises inspection journeys, creates and updates database of companies necessary for the preparation and realisation of MICE events.

Carlsbad Convention Bureau is a neutral partner – the central information and contact point for the congress and incentive tourism in Carlsbad and Karlovy Vary Region.

 Our services:

  • Support of planning MICE events in Carlsbad and Karlovy Vary Region
  • Consultancy for selecting suitable congress and meeting venues
  • Consultancy for selecting suitable accompanying programmes
  • Organisation of inspection journeys
  • Provision of complex information about Karlovy Vary Region as a congress destination
  • Mediation of dealings with local suppliers
  • Assistance at dealings with local administration authorities
  • Provision of accommodation, catering, accompanying programme
  • Preparation of necessary promotional materials
  • Provision of guide services, interpreting, translations, hostesses
  • Provision of complete transport services and transfers
  • Preparation of main and accompanying programmes
  • Provision of VIP services

Perfect services and professionalism go without saying.

We have international experience and know Karlovy Vary Region through and through.

Conference facilities FOR ORGANISING MICE EVENTS:

A developed infrastructure and top-quality services make Karlovy Vary Region an excellent location for organising work meetings, incentive events, exhibitions, and medium-size conferences.

Conference facilities:

35 conference venues with the capacity of 20–7,000 participants and the total capacity of approx. 14,000.

Accommodation capacities:

The Carlsbad Convention Bureau membership presently consists of five members: Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary a.s., Imperial Karlovy Vary a.s., Thermal-F a.s., Infocentrum města Karlovy Vary, and Léčebné Lázně Mariánské Lázně a.s.

Grandhotel Pupp Carlsbad, 5*

The Grandhotel Pupp is situated close to the spa promenade. It offers comfortable accommodation, top-quality gastronomic services, spa procedures in Pupp Royal Spa and relaxation centre, complete services for conferences and other events.

The hotel has at its disposal 228 rooms and suites, restaurants, café, bars, a billiard room, the Pupp Royal Spa centre, a relaxation centre, a Hair Studio, and a casino.

Congress spaces

For your company and social events the representative Ceremonial Hall is available, together with other variable lounges, top-quality gastronomic services, catering, and a rich accompanying programme, including golf.

Hotel Imperial Carlsbad, 4* Hotel

The Hotel Imperial is an ideal venue for holding congress and social events. It offers modern equipped halls with the capacity 14–600 places. There are 205 comfortable single and double rooms available. The Villa Hofman in the immediate vicinity offers 14 Standard-category rooms. The Hotel further offers two luxurious restaurants, a night club, and café. Guests are welcome to visit its sports centre and modern balneocentre with a wide offer of spa and wellness procedures.

Congress spaces

For holding congresses, conferences, seminars, training, and similar events the Hotel offers several halls, lounges, a cinema hall, and a night club.

Spa Resort Sanssouci Carlsbad, 4* Hotel

The Spa Resort Sanssouci is an important host of various social events. It has numerous halls and lounges suitable for organising small, medium and larger-scale events. The Spa Resort Sanssouci offers top-quality accommodation in new, modern rooms and suites, gastronomic services, wellness and spa services. It belongs to the Imperial group. The Resort is situated only several minutes by bus from the town centre and colonnades with springs.

Congress spaces

The Spa Resort Sanssouci has many spaces at its disposal suitable for organising various social events. Its halls and lounges have a capacity of 18–240 (depending on the event character).

Thermal - Hotel 4* - Carlsbad

The Thermal Hotel congress centre offers the total capacity of more than 2,000 in halls and lounges with a variable arrangement. It is suitable for hosting large international conferences (such as the annual International Film Festival) as well as smaller local meetings and other events. The Thermal Hotel offers accommodation in single and double rooms and suites. Rooms with balconies present a beautiful view of the spa section of the town to which the Hotel belongs. There are also two restaurants, a summer terrace, a Lobby bar, and a night club.

Congress spaces

The Hotel has an extensive congress centre (Large Hall, Congress Hall, Small Hall, Red lounges, Moser Lounge), which hosts, for example, the International Film Festival.

The Hotel further offers a thermal swimming pool, indoor swimming pool, fitness centre, sauna, infra-sauna, Turkish spa, tanning salon, hairdressing salon, pedicure, manicure, cosmetic salon, and a newly open balneocentre providing spa and wellness procedures.

Léčebné Lázně Mariánské Lázně, 3*-5* hotels

The youngest west-Bohemian spa town is characterised by exceptional beauty. Clean air, specific architecture, numerous culture, sports, and social activities create a unique place for hosting your conference.

Léčebné Lázně Mariánské Lázně, the largest spa compound in the Czech Republic, offers accommodation in eight 3*-5* hotels with the total capacity of 1,640 beds, belonging to the Danubius Hotels group, a famous chain of spa hotels in Europe.


A congress hall from 1899 in the Italian neo-Renaissance style with the total capacity of 770, may be divided to several sections. A unique historic building suitable for hosting prestigious events.

Infocentrum města Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad information centre)

The Carlsbad tourist information centre provides for its clients and partners information services related to the tourist industry in the town. The information office offers a wide choice of local souvenirs and information materials, advance sale of tickets to cultural and sports events hold in the town as well as in other locations.

Other services:

  • Sale of town public transport tickets, postal stamps, prepaid telephone cards
  • Bicycle rent
  • Tax free services
  • Car rent
  • Exchange without fees
  • Up-to-date information service


Thermal, Dolní nádraží, Vřídlo

MEETINGS & CONVENTIONS + SPA & WELLNESS & INCENTIVES = a unique connection in a unique place

The uniqueness of Carlsbad and its surroundings resides particularly in spa treatment and mineral springs. However, the spa industry is not the only asset of this Region located in the heart of Europe. A visit to the most famous spa location of the Czech Republic should not be omitted. The uniqueness of the Region is worth seeing.

A developed infrastructure and top-quality services make the Region an excellent MICE destination in all respects – transport, accommodation, facilities, accompanying activities (spa and wellness, sports, cultural and other social activities).

Karlovy Vary Region offers an untraditional accompanying programme:

Spa procedures

Undergoing a spa or wellness programme brings both physical and mental well-being. You will forget about problems and work hustle and enjoy all pleasurable procedures in a peaceful and comfortable environment. Bring something exceptional into your work meeting.

Hydroxeur, Inhalation, Gum irrigation, Mineral pearl bath, Carbon dioxide bath, Local cryotherapy, Lymphatic drainage manual/instrumental, Oxygen therapy, Parafango, Pelotherm, Intestinal lavage, Dry CO2 bath – partial – complete, Hydrotherapy


Pilates, Aqua–aerobic, Hot Stone Therapy, Thalaspa therapy, Indian head massage, Standard or complete massage, Underwater massage, Sole reflexive massage, Aromatic massage complete or partial, Shiatsu massage, Paraffin gloves, Complete whirlpool bath

Balneotherapy, based on natural sources, has been proven to have preventive effects. It is important for the prevention of lifestyle and old-age diseases. Natural healing sources include mineral waters, gases, and boggy soils, peat and mud (all together called peloids). Therapeutic facilities use peloids for wraps and baths. Relaxation procedures or fitness cures are provided in any of the reputable Carlsbad balneocentres, as required by the client.

Sports activities


Local golf courses belong to the most popular and beautiful in the whole Europe, they are directly connected with nature and located within a nature conservation area. Since golf has a very long tradition here and its popularity has been growing, Karlovy Vary Region is an area with the highest concentration of golf courses in the Czech Republic.

Currently, these golf courses are available in the Region, six of which are 18 hole courses:

Further offer of accompanying sports activities:




Nordic walking

Karlovy Vary racecourse

Winter sports


Water sports


Hot-air balloon flights

Airplane flights

Tandem skydiving


Rope centres – Climbing


Sightseeing, Excursions, Experience gastronomy

We provide sightseeing of Carlsbad and other towns in the Region, allowing visitors to see the best-known regional monuments as well as sites which they would hardly come across on their own. The CCB offers also excursions to world-famous companies such as Moser glassworks, Jan Becher Museum, Jáchymov Mint, Vřídlo spring underground, castles and chateaux (Loket, Bečov nad Teplou, Kynžvart, Seeberg and others). Within these trips and tours we provide complete catering services, allowing the participants to enjoy unforgettable moments related to experience gastronomy in local as well as international cuisines. Guides speaking several foreign languages are available.

Regular events in the Region:

January – New Year’s Day concerts

April – Easter market in Jiří z Poděbrad Square in Cheb
Noble Carlsbad weekend of European nobility
Witch burning atop Špičák (Lázně Kynžvart)

May – Spa season commencement – Sanctification of spring – Charles IV parade through Carlsbad
Spa season commencement in Mariánské Lázně

June - Chebské dvorky – Regional festival of art projects with international attendance
FIJO Cheb – noncompeting festival of youth brass bands with accompanying programmes of dance groups
Children’s day
Fryderyk Chopin’s International piano competition in Mariánské Lázně

July – International Film Festival in Carlsbad
Parties, concerts, social and sports events within the festival
Pilgrimage of St. Margareta in Lázně Kynžvart
Historic festivities in Bečov nad Teplou
Jazz spa in Mariánské Lázně

July-August – Mariánské Lázně culture summer

August – Wallenstein festival in Cheb – traditional costumed historic festivities in the town centre and castle area, including craft fair and demonstrations and a rich culture programme
Fresh Film Fest v Carlsbad – international student film festival
Burgrave Půta’ Festival – medieval fair with swordsmen, musicians and jugglers in Loket
Mitte Europe – international music festival – traditional classical music concert in a chapel of the Bečov nad Teplou chateau
Holiday farewell in Lázně Kynžvart
Festival Digital Sun, the largest music festival for all generations in western Bohemia

September – Carlsbad folk music festival
Dvořák’s Carlsbad Autumn
Loket Culture Summer
Marian Autum – folk music festival in Mariánské Lázně

October – TOURFILM – international tourist industry festival in Carlsbad
JAZZ fest – international festival in Carlsbad

November – Folk pig-slaughtering and lighting the Christmas tree in Lázně Kynžvart
Lantern procession – traditional procession in Bečov nad Teplou

December – Old year farewell in Lázně Kynžvart
Christmas concerts in Carlsbad
Christmas markets

Easy accessibility

The world-famous spa town Carlsbad is situated "in the middle of Europe", 50 km from the German border. The Karlovy Vary Region possesses an excellent transport accessibility, developed infrastructure, and international airport (the 4th biggest in the country) servicing around 100,000 passengers a year.

By air

Air transport to the Region is provided through the Carlsbad international airport, situated approx. 4 km from the town centre.

Karlovy Vary international airport

  • Charter, private, business flights
  • Suitable for planes up to the size of Boeing 737-800, Airbus A320-100/200

Passenger services

  • Free parking
  • Tax free shops (2x)
  • Snack bar
  • Luggage wrapping
  • Internet connection
  • Business lounge
  • VIP lounge
  • Conference room

Transport to/from the airport

By car along road I/6, Carlsbad exit (towards Prague), then approx. 3.5 km as marked. A free car park is located at the terminal.

By public transport bus – service no. 8 (Market Hall – Airport)

Other international airports: Prague (115 km, 1.20 hr.), Munich (300 km, 3 hr.), Leipzig (270 km, 3 hr.)

By car

From the German border – Pomezí border crossing (towards Nurnberg, Munich)

The Pomezí border crossing lies 50 km from Carlsbad along road I/6 leading directly to the crossing. Traffic accessibility towards Germany – Boží Dar border crossing (to Dresden, Leipzig, Chemnitz). Road to the Boží Dar border crossing is 30 km from Carlsbad, along road I/6 and then I/13 towards Boží Dar.

By coach, train

Carlsbad main coach station and rail station share one passenger terminal. Dolní nádraží (Lower Station) is the departure/arrival point of all intercity lines. There are 105 coach (including those to Prague or Amsterdam) and 11 train lines.

The Region cooperates with the German regions of Saxony, Bavaria, and Thuringia, offering the EgroNet network ticket, valid within the area of 14,100 square kilometres.

By car

Karlovy Vary lies on the junction of these routes:

  • E48 (I/6) Praha - Cheb (hranice CZE-GER 50 km, Praha 125 km)
  • E49 (I/20) Karlovy Vary - Plzeň (80 km)
  • I/25 Karlovy Vary - Ostrov - Jáchymov - Boží Dar/GER (40 km)

By coach

  • Karlovy Vary - Airport Ruzyně - Praha (2 hod. 20 min.)
  • Karlovy Vary - Frankfurt - Düsseldorf (11 hod.)

By train

  • Karlovy Vary - Praha (3hod. 20 min.)
  • Karlovy Vary - Brno (7 hod.)
  • Karlovy Vary - Berlin (6 hod.)
  • Karlovy Vary - Frankfurt (6 hod.)

How far?

  • Amsterdam 750 km
  • Berlin 330 km
  • Geneve 890 km
  • Bratislava 460 km
  • Bruxelles 770 km
  • Budapest 640 km
  • Frankfurt 380 km
  • Kobenhavn 770 km
  • München 310 km
  • Nürnberg 180 km
  • London 1090 km
  • Luxembourg 660 km
  • Paris 900 km
  • Roma 1190 km
  • Warszawa 750 km
  • Wien 400 km


Star-based ranking from 5* hotels to economy 

Total number of hotels in a given category

Total number of rooms  Total number of beds 
Karlovy Vary 5 x- pětihvězdičkových    
  44 x -čtyřhvězdičkových    
  43 x - tříhvězdičkových    
Mariánské Lázně 2 x pětih.    
  28 x čtyřh.    
  32 x tříh.    
Františkovy Lázně 8 x čtyř.    
  24 x tříh.    
Cheb 11 x tříh.    


Full name Venues  Maximum capacity  Location  Type (hotel, congress centre) 
KV Arena 5 874 osob KV Multipurpose hall 
Spa hotel Thermal over 2000 osob KV Congress centre + Spa hotel
Grandhotel Pupp over 1000 osob KV Hotel
Kulturní dům Svoboda 830 oso Cheb Congress centre 
Společenský dům Casino 740 osob ML Congress centre + Spa hotel
Hotel Imperial 600 osob KV spa hotel
INGO Casino 450 osob Františkovy Lázně Congress centre  + Spa hotel
Spa resort Sanssouci 250 osob KV spa hotel
Hrad Loket 230 osob Loket Castle 
Parhotel Sokolov 100 osob Sokolov Hotel