Liberec Region

The Liberec Region is situated in the northern part of the Czech Republic, approximately 100 km from Prague. This attractive region regularly hosts a number of important sports and cultural events.

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It includes the nature conservation areas of the Jizerské (Jizera), Krkonoše (Giant), and Lužické (Lusatian) Mountains, all of them with beautiful forests and valleys, creating a very pleasant environment with a number of interesting tourist locations.

This destination offers ideal conditions for congress tourism. Hotel and restaurant owners, and agencies organising congress events can satisfy even the most demanding clients and provide services at a high professional level for reasonable and competitive prices. Congress centres, hotels, and spas in the Region possess quality congress spaces and offer comfort and pleasant accommodations with a wide range of additional services (wellness, massages, aquapark, iQpark, zoo, botanical garden, etc.). Event and outdoor agencies in co-operation with hotels can prepare turnkey company or teambuilding events.

The advantage to this Region is its transport accessibility and favourable location of the Czech Republic within Europe.

Reasons for organising an event in the Liberec Region:

  • Accessibility - 100 km from Prague

  • The largest congress and accommodation capacities outside of Prague, hotels of all categories with professional services and individual approach

  • Wide choice of sports and teambuilding centres

  • Wide offer of accompanying programmes (wellness, cultural, sports, and social programmes, trip locations)

  • Unique atmosphere

  • Historic monuments

  • Theatres, cinemas, concerts, galleries, castles and chateaux

  • Numerous golf courses

  • Safe and tranquil environment

  • Experienced production companies

  • Favourable prices


Jizerské Mountains – Liberec

The Jizerské Mountains belong to the oldest nature conservation area in the Czech Republic. They maintain the appearance of Nordic forests, attracting nature enthusiasts all year round. They border on the Giant Mountains in the east and on the Lužické Mountains in the west. The most important towns of the area are Liberec and Jablonec nad Nisou, while the best known tourist centres are Bedřichov, Janov nad Nisou, Albrechtice, and Kořenov on the boundary with the Giant Mountains.

In winter, the Jizerské Mountains offer excellent conditions for winter sports lovers: popular ski slopes and numerous cross-country skiing tracks, known collectively as the Jizerká magistrála (“highway”). In summer, the mountains are a popular centre for hikers and bikers, offering a large number of hiking paths and cycling-routes. The mountains also offer many other activities: a bobsled track and snow-tubing, bowling, tennis, and horse riding.

Popular destinations for families include the Pěnčín centre with a goat farm and scenic railway, or a bobsled track in Janov nad Nisou for both adults and children. The regional capital also offers its visitors a zoo and botanical garden. The pride of the Region are undoubtedly its numerous lookout towers; Bramberk, Černá Studnice, Královka and the recently reopened Smrk are among the best known ones.

Giant Mountains

The Giant Mountains rank first in the Czech Republic: they are the highest and most frequented, the only ones with a high-mountain character, and with unbelievably varied nature. There are steep cirquess as well as extensive mountain meadows, rocky ridges and picturesque vales lined with log houses. Visitors can immerse themselves in the roar of waterfalls and mysterious silence of marshes and small peat lakes. And then there is Mt. Sněžka, the grand queen of mountains dignifiedly looking over all her domain.

The Giant Mountains are the highest Czech mountains. Their rough beauty and diverse landscape amaze every visitor. Since the local nature is unique and should be preserved in its beauty and richness, the mountains were proclaimed a national park as early as in 1963 and since 1992 they have been listed as a UNESCO biosphere reservation site.

The mountains are attractive not only thanks to their exceptional nature, but also to distinctive folk architecture, adorning hamlets on the foothills as well as secluded houses on the ridges.

The Giant Mountains are the most popular destination for winter holiday in the country. Winter sports lovers can find here numerous well-maintained ski slopes of all levels of difficulty, a dense network of cross-country skiing tracks as well as newly constructed amusement parks in many resorts.

These mountains may be considered a paradise of waterfalls. There are many of them of remarkable mightiness and height, including the highest and also the most beautiful one in the country.

Czech Paradise

The Czech Paradise bears its name rightly, being one of the most beautiful areas of the country, situated between the towns of Turnov, Jičín, and Mladá Boleslav. This beautiful territory located on the middle reaches of the Jizera river (only 50 km north-east of Prague) combines diversity of beauties of nature with many historic monuments – castles, chateaux, and folk architecture. There are romantic valleys and numerous rock formations (“rock towns”), as well as meadows and log houses. There are also many medieval castles, lookout points and towers offering views of the whole region.

The landscape of exceptional elevation differences with characteristic rock towns, plant and animal associations was the main reason for proclaiming the territory the first natural protected area in the country in 1955. From the many beauties of nature offered by the Czech Paradise, these are especially worth seeing: Prachovské cliffs, Hruboskalsko, Maloskalsko, Klokočské and Betlémské cliffs, Podtrosecká valleys, Jizera valley and gallery, Plakánek valley, Jinonické ponds, and Bozkovské dolomite caverns. Apart from being a nature protected area, the Czech Paradise is listed as a UNESCO geopark site.

With respect to the landscape diversity and the occurrence of protected and endangered biological species, of a great importance are not only the deep forests but also systems of ponds on water courses with adjoining fragments of wetland ecosystems. The relief with unique elevation differences is completed with characteristic extrusions of igneous rocks which form prominent landmarks (Trosky, Kozákov, Mužský, Vyskeř, etc.). The Czech Paradise is also a region of important historic monuments, especially castles and chateaux (Sychrov, Hrubý Rohozec, Mnichovo Hradiště, Dětenice, Trosky, Kost), and also folk architecture (Dlaskův homestead in Dolánky by Turnov). Numerous museums offer a further view into the history.

The Czech Paradise is a famous destination for both hikers and bikers, with many hiking paths and cycling-routes. Families with children can set out on a journey discovering the Czech Paradise legends, or visit the Šťastná země centre (“Happy Earth”) in Radvánovice by Turnov. Among famous and popular summer tourist centres are Malá Skála, Jinolice, Sedmihorky, and Branžež. In the summer season, numerous cultural events take place in the Czech Paradise, including swordsmen fights and historical fairs in castles, regular theatre performances and concerts.

For a relaxed holiday, the Czech Paradise offers a wide range of accommodation of all categories – guest houses, hotels, old houses, cottages, and campsites.

Lužické Mountains and Ještědský Ridge

The Lužické Mountains are a smaller mountain range situated along the border, between the towns of Česká Kamenice, Nový Bor, and Liberec. The highest peak is Mt. Luž. A smaller part of the range lies in Germany, called the ŽItavské (Zittau) Mountains. The landmark in the Liberec area is Mt. Ještěd, with a modern ski centre for downhill as well as cross-country skiing. The Rašovka and Ještěd ridges offer unforgettable views of the Giant Mountains, the Jizerské Mountains, and the Ralsko and Bezděz hills. The number of visitors has increased recently in part due to to newly built golf courses.

The Lužické Mountains are largely covered with woods in which many typical plant species may be found, some of them endangered. The mountains offer numerous possibilities for hikers and cyclists. Marked tourist paths and cycling-routes lead for example to Jiřetín pod Jedlovou where the Tolštejn castle ruins and Křížová hora with the unique Way of the Cross are situated. Other castles and chateaux worth visiting include Sloup, Grabštejn, and Lemberk. Many lookout towers, such as Jedlová, and hilltops (Klíč and Luž) offer beautiful views.

Remnants of various folk architecture may be found in the mountains – log houses with saddle roofs, several castle ruins, lookout towers. The whole area is interspersed with a large number of nature trails and provides many opportunities for recreation, hiking, cycling, and skiing.

The town of Liberec offers a wide range of sports and cultural activities. There is a zoo, botanical garden, Museum of North Bohemia, and funicular to Mt. Ještěd. The town as well as the whole Lužické Mountains provide numerous accommodation possibilities of all categories: guest houses, cottages, hotels.

Mácha’a Area

Mácha’s Area is situated in the south-western part of the Liberec Region, south of the town of Česká Lípa, with its southernmost tip reaching into Kokořínsko in the Central Bohemia Region. The tourist centre of the area – Mácha Lake – is surrounded by the Ralská pahorkatina hills with ruins of several castles, the best known of which are Bezděz and Ralsko. The heart of the area is the lake and the towns of Doksy and Dubá, the starting point for journeys to the amazing Dubské Švýcarsko and Kokořínsko areas. The Gothic royal Bezděz Castle in the east, ruins of Starý Berštejn in the west, Houska Chateau in the south, and Ralsko in the north form inseparable landmarks of the area.

Mácha Lake is a popular location for thousands of visitors especially in the summer season. It is situated in the middle of forests, surrounded by numerous hiking paths and cycle-routes. The best known resorts of the area are Doksy and Staré Splavy, serving as starting points for trips to near as well as distant sites, and offering many sports activities, such as tennis, beach volleyball, and yachting. The winter season offers cross-country skiing and skating on the frozen lake and other water bodies.

Českolipsko belongs to popular recreational areas especially thanks to its landscape diversity, attracting hikers and cyclists, as well as history enthusiasts. The landscape is characteristic with numerous ponds, the best known of which are Holanské ponds and Hamerský pond in the popular resorts Hamr na Jezeře. A larger number of castles and chateaux give evidence of the rich history of this region, with important noble families living here for many centuries.

Kokořínsko can offer to its visitors many tourist destinations and unique locations with rich history and beauties of nature. The Kokořín Castle, standing above the cliffs of the Kokořínské valley, is known as the seat of the infamous robber Babinský. The castle surroundings, called Kokořínský Důl, are a very attractive area for tourists.

Mácha’s Area offers possibilities for top-quality holidays, with the maximum space provided for your activities.


Frýdlantsko is situated in the northernmost part of the Czech Republic, called the Frýdlanstký foreland. It is one of the smallest Czech tourist areas, separated from the rest of the country by the Jizerské Mountains massif. Its placid and moderate foothill landscape opens up to Poland with which this area is historically connected. The administrative centre of the whole Frýdlantský foreland is Frýdlant, a town with a rich history. A watchtower was built on a basalt formation in the 6th century, later extended into a chateau. Today, the castle and chateau Frýdlant belongs to the most frequented historic buildings in the whole country. Frýdlantsko is a unique region of fields, meadows, and woods. The whole area is influenced by the nearby Jizerské Mountains, its landscape is interspersed with many brooks (Malý and Velký Štolpich, Safírový brook), lined with historic houses and cottages, log cabins, homesteads, and barns as well as sandstone tombstones. It is an ideal location for hiking, cycling, and climbing.

Apart from preserved nature, Frýdlantsko offers also several interesting historic and sacral monuments. The picturesque landscape of both Frýdlantsko and the Jizerské Mountains may be viewed from the lookout tower atop Mt. Smrk or several rock viewpoints (Holubník, Ořešník). The town of Frýdlant has a population of approx. 10,000. The castle and chateau Frýdlant, the most important historic monument of the region, rises above the town. The wild and cold mountain brook Smědá, springing forth from the nearby mountains, runs through the whole area and changes to a placid, meandering river before entering Poland. Further places of interest include the town of Hejnice, one of the best known pilgrim sites in Bohemia thanks to the Basilica of the Visitation of Virgin Mary, the town of Nové Město pod Smrkem with a natural swimming pool, spa town Lázně Libverda with a famous restaurant called Obří sud (“Giant Cask”) situated above the town and offering a wonderful view of the Jizerské Mountains, and the village of Jindřichovice pdo Smrkem known for its nonstandard development and technological innovations.

There are also lesser tourist destinations, giving the area a special air. Basic information on the history and inhabitants of the region is provided by the Municipal museum in Frýdlant, the museum in Nové Město pod Smrkem, and the museum in Jindřichovice pod Smrkem.

Frýdlantsko is considered the end of the world; however, this may be its main attraction. Visitors not wishing to push through crowds of tourists and looking for a bit of a forgotten land and peace, should come to see this lesser-known corner of the Czech Republic. They will not be disappointed. Visitors will find here also suitable accommodation, and Frýdlantsko may win their hearts with its modesty.

North Bohemia Convention Bureau

The NBCB is a charitable company founded to help the Liberec Region and the town of Liberec to become prestigious destinations for hosting MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events). As a member of the Czech Convention Bureau it regularly takes part in tourism fairs both at home and abroad, such as Holiday World in Prague, IMEX in Frankfurt on the Main, or EIBTM in Barcelona. For domestic clients the Bureau organises regular Presentation afternoons - meetings for representatives of companies and agencies specialising in the congress and incentive tourism. For foreign visitors it organises four-day FAM and PRESS trips for visiting congress facilities and testing various accompanying activities offered by the Liberec Region to congress and conference participants. If you are interested in our free services, fill in an application form on our website and we will be glad to help you simplify all MICE related preparation activities.

North Bohemia Convention Bureau services:

  • Support of planning MICE events in the Liberec Region

  • Complete information on the offer of congress and meeting venues

  • Consultancy for selecting suitable congress venues

  • Consultancy for creating promotion materials

Transport accessibility

By air

The Václav Havel Prague Airport is approx. 100 km from Liberec.

Transfer from the airport to the Prague by public transport buses, services no. 100, 119, 179, and Airport Express. Bus stop is situated in front of the Arrivals hall of Terminals 1 and 2.

Taxi – Radiocab taxi +420 220 113 892, +420 220 117 078

– AAA Radiotaxi +420 222 333 222, +420 729 331 133

Taxi operator counters are situated in the Arrivals hall of Terminals 1 and 2. Pick-up areas for all taxis are marked in front of the Arrivals hall.

All car-rent services are situated in Parking C ground floor.

Two coach companies provide transport from Prague to Liberec: Student agency – and Dopravní podnik Liberec -


The journey from Prague to Liberec by car takes approx. one hour along R10 and R35 highways.

Train connection between Prague and Liberec is provided Czech Rail –